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Circa 1946 - 1952
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Model Engine Hobbyists
Hold National Convention
One-Man Miniature Railroad Empire
Some 300 builders of small scale steam locomotives who are members of the "Brotherhood of Live Steamers" demonstrate their models at Danvers, Mass., convention. 1. One of the "roundhouses" on the model 2,000 ft. track. 2. General view. 3. Hobbyist tunes up model of an English engine. 4. Two engines "highball" along the "main line."
1. Frank Palmer, Santa Ana, Calif., stand in the "well", electrically controlling a half dozen trains running in all directions on his miniature scale-model railway. 2. Cab-forward steam engine pulls freight through the "mountains". 3. Steam engine crosses over bridge as Santa Fe streamliner passes under. 4. The Palmer youngsters, 6 and 3, get almost as big a kick out of it as Dad.
Chefs Make Pastry Model Of “Pioneer”
Huge 5 fool by 2 foot cake bearing a replica of the "Pioneer", the first locomotive to run west of Chicago, is shown being fashioned by chefs  of the Hotel Stevens for presentation to Chicago and Northwestern RR vice president Carl R Gray, Jr., new U.S. Veterans Administrator.
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