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Circa 1946 - 1952
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Winners In National Air
Races At Cleveland
Thousands Witness Soap Box Derby
1. Cook Cleveland, Cleveland (with wife) winner of Thompson and Ludlum Trophies. He averaged speed of 396.1 miles an hour. 2. Paul Mantz, Los Angeles, winner of 2,050 mile race for Bendix Trophy. 3. Wm. Brennan, Oshkosh, Wise., with midget plane in which he hit 163.5 miles an hour to win Goodyear Trophy.
Scene at the finals of the 10th Annual Soap Box Derby in Akron, Ohio, sponsored by Chevrolet and newspapers through-out the nation. Kenny "racer", covering the distance from the top of the hill to the finish line in 26.78 sec., for a track record.
Skillful Driver Averts Accident
Leading Automobile Racer
Hurtles To Death
With three wheels of his racing car off the ground, Bill Holland seems headed for disaster in a recent race on the dirt track at Atlanta, Ga., but by skillful manipulating he righted the car and when on to win 2nd place. Holland Was 2nd in the Indianapolis Speedway
classic last year.
This dramatic, multiple-speed camera shot shows Rex Mays being hurtled to death during the 13th lap of the 100-mile auto race at Del Mar, Calif. His car is seen whirling into the air, throwing Mays onto the track where he was unavoidably struck by another racing car.
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Stock Car Racing Driver
In Fatal Accident
J.E. "Skimp" Hershey of St. Augustine, Fla., sits in a fiery agony beside his flaming car as rescuers try to save him after his car burst into flames on the curve of the 81st lap of a scheduled 1 DO-mile race at Lakewood Park, Atlanta, Ga. The car hit a fence, bounced back on the track and tossed Hershey into a pool of flaming gasoline.
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