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Circa 1946 - 1952
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Miniature 7-Room House
Completely Furnished
Builds 3-Dimensional
Setting In Match Boxes
Skilled craftsman Ray A. Herbeck of Milwaukee, Wisc., has an interesting hobby. He is shown here, working on one of his 6-feet-to-the-inch scale models of a log-cabin interior, made of spaghetti, tinfoil, screening wire, pinheads, gum, etc., and all contained in the narrow confines of a regular match box.
It took some three years for Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lethin of Glendale, Calif. to build this miniature house on a scale one inch to the fool, and furnish it with every sort of household article, tiny telephones, little lamps that light, etc. Mrs. Lethin is shown beside the house. Other photos show interior view, and the doll-sized bar.
Smallest Book In The World
Hobby - Horses And Wagons
Heinrich Schmitz, called the world's champion miniature writer, shows a n-page book containing 666,666 words, so small it is easily balanced on a match. Schmitz was a bearer of secret messages for German Intelligence during the war, and claims to have written 5,360 words on the back of a postage stamp.
Photos show Lee L. Ward, Eagle Rock, Calif., 65-year-old hobbyist, with some of the hundred-odd different model buggies, wagons, carts, etc .. he has built to scale. Horses are of balsa and pine, with manes of frayed rope. Harness is real leather.
Assembles Miniature Carvings
Inside Light Bulbs
1. Bob Searight (with his wife) of Long Beach, Calif., uses old light bulbs, from 10 to 1500 watts in size, to house miniature carvings of American scenes. 2. Left to right, bowling alley, barbershop, covered wagon. 3. He first puts in a piece as large as he can get through the neck, and then uses a wire, blue, etc., :to add the other pieces.
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