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Circa 1946 - 1952
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Computer One Million Times Faster Than Mind
“Brain” Does 17 Years’ Work In Two Weeks
New York, N.Y. - Joseph Chedaker, research engineer, is shown at the binary adder of the EOVAC (electronic discreet variable computor) which is 1,000,000 times faster than the human mind and capable of memorizing 1000 ten-digit figures at a time. Computor will be used to speed up solution of mathematical problems relating to atomic research and supersonic airplane speeds.
One of the most ingenious machines ever invented, the mechanical "brain", is now in use at the University of California, L.A., solving problems in two weeks that it would take even a brilliant mathematician 17 years to figure out with pencil and paper. Dean Boelter and three engineering students are feeding the gadget a problem.
The Last Word In Calculating Machines
This ingenious calculating machine can multiply into the quintillions a thousand times faster than it takes a human being to write the figures down! Shown for the first time at Harvard University before 600 scientists, the amazing contraption solved a problem calling for 4,000 equations, while holding "in memory" some 64,000 digits!
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