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Circa 1946 - 1952
Offers Always Considered

Wins “Buried Alive” Record
Teen-Ager Decides to
“Get Up In The World”
Raymond Emmert sits in bottom of coffin after coming out of his grave just 40 minutes short of 45 days spent “buried alive” at Zanesville, Ohio, carnival. During his underground sojourn he was fed through a narrow shaft leading from the surface to his face. His doctor pronounced him okay.
Teen-Ager Decided To "Get Up In The World" 1. ln an apparent effort to rise above his fellow-man, Melvin Abramowitz, 17, roosts on top of a high clothes pole in a New York yard. 2. Mama's pleas to come down went unheeded. 3. After nearly three hours, the cops and firemen shook Melvin into a net and took him off to the mental ward in Bellevue Hospital.
New Endurance Champs
Six Weeks In Air
Beats Shipwreck Kelly’s
Pole Sitting Record
Whole Town Tries
Communism For One Day
Veteran “Hides” Under Water
To Protest Hidden Taxes
Ozzie” Hamilton Osborne sat atop a flag-pole (left, arrow) for 53 days as a publicity stunt for a Long Beach, Calif., amusement park, breaking the 49-day record long held by Shipwreck Kelly. Right photo shows Ozzie as he completed his stunt and was ready to go home -
and to bed.
Six weeks, to the minute, after they took to the air in their small monoplane, Bill Barris, left, and Dick Riedel land at Fullerton, Calif. airport with a crowd of 8,000 to welcome them for hanging up a new world's record for sustained flight, with refueling accomplished in the air.
Whole Town Tries Communism For One Day Scenes at Mosinee, Wisc., when the American Legion demonstrated what would happen if the Communists came to power. 1. Relative home value compared. 2. Black bread with potato soup and black coffee was the citizen's entire menu for the day. 3. Youngster wonders why he can't buy candy. Town's whole government was seized by the "Communists".
Veteran "Hides" Under Water To Protest Hidden Taxes Paul D. Abbott, 27, of  Monticello, Inc., is sealed in a glass-topped tank beneath the surface of Lake Shafer, with the announced intention of staying there until Congress does something about taxes. Left photo shows feet of observers gather to see how P'aullives in his 10-foot cubic submerged domicile. Right photo was taken under water.
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