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Circa 1946 - 1952
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Authentic Ship Models 20 Years In The Making
Ship Model Made With 30,000 Toothpicks
Ships, Crafts
1. Mr. August F. Crabtree, New York, working with a magnifying glass on a 1-4 in.-to-the-foot scale model of a Dutch yacht of 1690.2. Shown with a French Galley of 1696 which has 49 oars. Front; Egyptian craft of 1500 B.C. Right: 5O-gun English warship, 1685, which took 3 years to build. 3. Model of Chinese cook is 1 3-8 inches high.
15-year-old Norma Globerman of New York spent a year and a half of her spare time and used 30,000 toothpicks to build this model of the USS Missouri. Miss Merry Alan looks it over at the 11th Annual Hobby Show of the American Hobby Federation
exhibition at Hearns.
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