Historical Art PhotoNews Posters
Circa 1946 - 1952
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Mystery Surrounds Millionaire’s Death
28 Killed, 20 Injured,
In Mysterious Plane Crash
Left: Close-up photo, by wire from Tallahassee, Fla., of Mrs. Thelma Griffin, 21, tavern carhop, who was reported with Grenville Baker, millionaire grandson of the late George F. Baker, New York financier, when his jeep overturned. He was found later with a bullet hole in his head. Right: Mrs. Griffin, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Whiddon, questioned in the mystery.
Rescuers pull victims from crash of Standard Airlines plane on a hillside, 25 miles from Los Angeles. Pilot had wired Burbank Airport that a fight broken out among two passengers, just prior to the crash. Lower right photo shows Stewardess Charlotte Grenadier who survived the crash.
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