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Circa 1946 - 1952
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Gen MacArthur Inspects
Korean Battlefront
General MacArthur Honored By France
General MacArthur
Gen. Douglas MacArthur, right, commander of all U.N. forces defending So. Korea against the Red Communist invasion, is greeted by U. Gen. Walton Walker, commanding the 8th U.S. Army which is bearing the brunt of the vicious attack. MacArthur flew to Korea to check on operations, which he reports are "satisfactory".
Gen. Douglas MacArthur, left, receives France's highest award. the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor, presented at Tokyo ceremony by Gen. Z. Pechkoff, right, Generals Pershing and Eisenhower are the only other Americans who have received the high honor.
MacArthur Reviews Troops In Japan
MacArthur Personally
Visits Korean Battlefront
Making one of his rare public appearances, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, supreme commander of Allied occupation forces in Japan, reviews a Fourth of July parade of some 15,000 troops in Tokyo.
He is flanked by military men from several
allied nations.
Wirephotos from Army Radiophotos show: 1. Gen. MacArthur, right, being greeted "somewhere in Korea" by Brig. Gen. Church, chief of U.S. forces in the area attacked by Communist troops. 2. American soldiers, in So. Korea on an advisory mission, evacuate Seoul. 3. Gen. MacArthur, on his return to Tokyo, predicts ultimate victory over No. Korea communists.
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