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Circa 1946 - 1952
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Lindbergh Honored For
Services To Aviation
Charles A. Lindbergh, left, receives the Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy from Louis E. Leverone, president of the National Aeronautic Assoc., at a testimonial banquet in Washington, D.C. Lindbergh, who thrilled the world when he flew from New York to Paris in 1927, was cited for high public service to aviation.
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Lindbergh And Doolittle
Inspect New Navy Plane
Two of the best pilots in the world, Jimmy Doolittle (right) and Charles Lindbergh (2nd right) inspect the U,S, Navy's newest pilot-less plane at Philadelphia's naval base. L. Ex-Admiral L.B. Richardson and Capt. C.E. Kirkebride USN, also approve new bomb-dropping plane which is directed completely by electronics.