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Circa 1946 - 1952
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Grandson Helps “Boot In” Churchill’s Horse
France Gives Highest Award To Churchill
Winston Churchill
Young Winston Churchill claps his hands in glee as Colonist II, owned by his famous grandfather and namesake, wins the Lime Tree Stakes at Windsor, England. Britain's wartime minister chews his ever-present cigar, while Mrs. Churchill leans on the rail
of the box.
Winston Churchill, Britain's wartime Prime Minister, wears two new decorations, the Croix de Guerre, with palm, and the Medaille Militaire, presented by the French Nation at recent Paris ceremonies. N. right. Mr. Churchill greets little Mlle. Wietzel, daughter of
French Admiral.
Winston Churchill In U.S. For Lecture Tour
Great Britain's popular wartime Prime Minister arrives in New York with his family. 1. Mr. Churchill, left, is greeted by financier-statesman Bemard Baruch. 2. With his son-in-law, daughter and wife, the creator of the "iron curtain" description of Russia, greets well-wishers with the old "V" sign. 3. Snapped enroute to meeting with Pres. Truman.
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