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Circa 1946 - 1952
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Artist Paints Portraits On Eggs
Carves Statues In Giant Tree Trunks
Left: Graham Dale, of Hollywood, Calif., has a hobby of characterizing famous personalities on eggs. Right: He also fashions "apartments" within an eggshell. Above: Three of the hundred or more eggs that Dale has painted are I. to r. Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Ed Wynn, and British wartime Field Marshall Montgomery.
Dudley C. Carter, forest engineer of Granite Falls, Wash., uses razoredged axes to carve figures out of the giant cedars near his home. 1. Carter, on platform at right, works on carving that will be 120 ft.high. 2. This one is called :Lady With Birds". 3. He named this "Mountain Maiden".
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