Historical Art PhotoNews Posters
Circa 1946 - 1952
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Suitable for framing, each poster comes with:

Certificate of Authenticity

Note From The Collector

Letter From The Publisher

The years following the rationing and shortages of WWII
were a vibrant period of growth and excitement.
The 1940's featured crazy stunts, grand circus’, baseball,
innovations, the new U.N., A- and H- bombs, housing shortages the first computers and most every store had a counter-card filled with dimes to fight polio.
The start of the Cold War brought fears of
Communism and atomic attack.
Howard Hughes built the Spruce Goose;
Idlewild was the world’s largest airport;
Israel became a nation;
Races were the rage;
Railroads were huffin’ and puffin’;
Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio;
North Korea invaded South Korea.
These 645 news posters, hidden away for the last
60 years, show all of this and more.
One or More Could Be Yours!

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